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Single Dúo Pack

16.600 $

The attentive one

Such attention to detail… The “single”, extra small brush head is the ultimate in both tooth-by-tooth and gumline cleaning. Now you can clean between teeth and braces, brackets or retainers – perfectly and effortlessly.

Extra filigree – extra ortho. Specifically cleans where bacteria are well concealed: in the niches between the teeth, brackets, arches, wires and in the gingival margin. For cleaning braces, orthodontic appliances, around implants and poorly positioned teeth. Also suitable for polishing tooth surfaces. Developed in cooperation with the oral health expert Jiri Sedelmayer. Made in Switzerland.

  • Gentle and effective: finest CUREN® bristles each measuring 0.088 mm in diameter
  • Every single area can be easily reached: The CURACURVE® ergonomics are all down to the perfect bend
  • Extra pleasant: rubberised back
  • For the niches between teeth, brackets, arches, wires
  • For intensive sulcus care
  • For cleaning around implants and poorly positioned teeth
  • For polishing tooth surfaces
  • Developed in cooperation with the oral health expert Jiri Sedelmayer
  • Compatible with all CURAPROX sonic toothbrushes
  • Made in Switzerland

Recommendation: replace after three months at the latest; with braces and brackets, replace after six to eight weeks.

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